Some Things That Are Important To Us:

  • Truth Matters – We affirm the centrality of the Bible and seek to understand it through the careful exposition of Scripture so as to live out the Word for the glory of God.
  • Fellowship With The Lord Matters – We affirm the importance of the believer’s getting to know the Lord better and better through consistent times in His Word and prayer.
  • The Gospel Matters – We affirm the necessity of the new birth through receiving Christ and His work on the cross by faith alone, and our responsibility to reach out to others with that good news.
  • People Matter – We affirm the church as a fellowship of believers where we are to love one another as Christ has loved us. We also affirm the privilege to serve others who do not know the Lord with that same kind of love.
  • Good Deeds Matter – We affirm that a person is saved by faith alone and not works. But we also affirm that the person who has been saved by faith alone works, engaging in good deeds.